Selma Engvall - Script Writer and Story Contributor

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Selma Engvall - Script Writer and Story Contributor

Post  Silmarama on Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:33 am


My name is Selma Engvall. I'm born the 27th of February 1990, in the starsign of the Pisces. Sweden is my native country, and I still live there! I'm going to the Swedish version of Highschool/College (upper secondary school), a three-year voluntary extention to the nine years in compulsory school here. I'm studying my first year of Aesthetics after having re-taken a year due to a change of mind. I like it way better than I did when I attended the Social Studies...

I like doing things with my hands. Ever since I was a small girl I've drawn and made things from clay. I like to sew. But my greatest strength have aways been my imagination. I love to make up stories. I loved it when we had school essays where you were supposed to come up with things yourself, and I exceeded in Swedish and English because of my Story Telling abilities. I write a lot, mainly for myself since I'm quite shy, and love to experiment with ideas.

What more to say about me as a person? Well, I'm usually straight forward, but I try not to be rude, and I can be quite dreamy and air-headed at times. I like using my creativity and don't like it when people tell me to get real. That's why I write and draw, I guess - no rules about what's possible or not. Though, I do have an ability to blend in well with people I feel comfortable with, and I like cooperating, so if someone set up lines for me to follow, I do it. Further more, I like brainstorming. Just putting up a lot of different ideas without any pressure that they should follow specific directions, and then do something about it. On the other hand, I like planning too.

Well, I'm a bit dualistic, but I'm sure we'll make it work somehow! I'm glad to be in this crew and look forward to get to know you all, and, above all, work with you!

Take care! ^^

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