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Post  XxkatanaoX on Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:04 am

Um, hello everyone?
My name's Kris but you can call me KX or any other nicknames that you can think of? And that i think is unique? Anyway i've been accepted as a Story Contributor (and BU typesetter) a long time ago, but i just didn't post yet. So, nice to meet you all~
Eto... I'm not really very active (as in posting and such) around any where at all. I'm more of a lurker, really. I don't really like to meet new people, and i oppose changes a lot, haha. Yeah... But once i get to know people, i get really really noisy and talkative, split personality, i guess?
I decided to try my hands on the DUWP application test because it looked like fun. I was really surprised to get in though (get in as in, not being a BU or whatever). But now that i'm in, i'm in.
I like drawing, reading and watching anime. Even though i like drawing, i decided not to apply for the Penciller position is because i can't deal with deadlines. Really. I suck at keeping track of the schedule, i procrastinate a lot, so i decided to try for the Story Contributor job.
And yeahhh. That's it... I guess. *sucks at this kind of self intro stuff*
ETA: Oh yeah. I think everyone's on a different timezone than me cause whenever i'm on, no one's on. XD


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