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Dy Maraway - Penciller and Inker

Post  dy_maraway on Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:13 am

Ok, forgive my poor english... =3=U i'll try to do my best with this...

I am Anaid Meléndez Aguilar (aka Dy Maraway). For now, one of DUWP pencillers and inkers, :3 but i'm taking 2 more tests here so, i'll tell you later what the hell i'll do here..
This year I'm turning 21 (2-June) *A* i have almost the same age as ryuuen-sama! i can't belive it! *happy*

I've been studying medicine for almost 3 years... =3= so i have a loooooooooooooong way to go until i could be a doctor.

I'm from Mexico, i live in a small city at Veracruz (even if it's on the coast, i don't live near the ocean...)

About my "drawing skills": I'm not a drawing genious... =3= but i loved drawing since i can remember... so with lots and lots of practice... i'm at this level where i can say "=3= that drawing that he/she made sucks" and "*A* omg... i know i can't draw something as amazing like that!!!"...

*reads ryuuen's description and checks what to say*

¬3¬ well, currently single, with bad luck in love XD... not looking because i like someone that likes me just as a friend and blah blah blah...

=3= I love all kind of toons, anime, manga, movies, videogames... and lots of things that makes me "the weird girl that draws and likes japanese things and toons and almost never talks with us" at college (XD i wasn't like that before but... most of the medicine students are soooo boring...).
Btw... =3= i get sick a lot of times (my friends tell me that how could i study medicine if i'm almost always sick).

=3= random thing: i have a lot of scars... even if it's a small wound... i have that kind of skin that will allways have that scar... the main two are on my arms. Left arm: surgery when i was like 4 or 6 years old. Right arm: a little accident on a park slide... (and i were 5-6y...XD).

I'm bad when it's about trying to know new people... it's hard for me to talk the first times... in fact, i almost never talk to strangers if they don't do it before... I'm not good at sports... i don't like math... ummm =3= there is a lot of food that i don't like... what else?... i love chocolate... =3=U i say the things just as they come to my mind, and i can be cruel if i don't like someone... (aaah, i'm such a bad person!!!)

And... i don't know what to say so... if you wanna know more, just ask :3

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