I am the Enemy (by JongBom; Late)

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I am the Enemy (by JongBom; Late)

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu May 22, 2008 11:02 pm

PROJECT ONE Submission

Genre: science fiction, horror

Setting: urban/city

Lone Man- he is in his 40's. 6'2 caucasian. Uneven stubble. Has just begun to lose his
shape after years of inactivity, depression and alcohol.

They- the extraterrestriallar authorities of planet earth. They possess supernatural powers
and are nearly omniscient (all seeing). They are capable to observe and analyze every single
action and thought of the earth's inhabitants through machines beyond our solar system.

A former cop with a rifle returns to his town of origin to where the horrors all began for
him. He plans on confronting the oppressors of his race in a final face-to-face.

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Re: I am the Enemy (by JongBom; Late)

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu May 22, 2008 11:03 pm

A man walks in the rain. He has served under them. He had killed and maimed under them.
He was their enforcer. Now hes gone back to the beginning. The beginning started for most
others in dates earlier to his, but for him it was exactly 5 years, 11 months, 7 days and
three hours ago. He has come back, and is now ready to settle the score.

In his right, scraping against the muddied asphalt, he carries an automatic assault rifle,
like the ones they had back in the police station. In the left a paper bag filled with
alcohol. This man had came into a police station, stole a gun with some ammunition, then
drove for half-a-day to his old home. A town, now torn apart and abandoned. In those days
people were filled with fear and paranoia. Everything had happened too quickly. The food
shortages, the exhaustion of petrol and a brewing third world war. Then they came.
Instantaneously millions around the world had disappeared, and that was the beginning
They took control of everthing.
They cut communications. Seperated as they saw fit. Whoever did not agree were dealt with.
In those days he was a cop.

Everyone panicked. His job was to block the rioting from spreading from the city center.
He's smashed in skulls, dashed their brains against the concrete, thundering with a thousand
angry steps. The authorities told him it was not his fault. But it was. He had accepted
the responsibility of killing, and with that comes the burden of a guilty conscience.
That was his beginning. Now he's come back to that origin point. Now he's dissenting to
their rule. Now he ends it.

Of course one man can't stand against them. A billion men can't stand against them. That's
irrevelent though. For the individual which is more important? One man's morality or the
law of the majority? He is a man of morals and such. And for him this is how he will end it.
Not the silent whimper of eventual aging death, but with a bang. He will make it quick.
Violent. Terrifying. He will show them that despite being able to control the world, they
cannot control the human spirit, and eventually all men must die. Finally he reaches the
city center and pauses. His grievences.

-"Here i am."

-"Here I am, to settle the score"

-"I am here, to repay all the things you've made me done."

-"To my brothers, my sister, my mother and father. And my son and daugther"

He takes a swig from his bottle.

-"What are you, afraid?"

-"Come and get me you monsters!"

-"Look! Look at me! I am a dissenting voice from the 'truth' you speak!"

-"Where are you?"

-"I am just one man against you!"

-"I am here to kill you all!"


He throws a bottle into a window. Where there's suppose to be the sound of shattering glass
is the absoluteness silence. A predatory silence, and the prey too is silent.

Fear floods him immediately, like a virus overtaking his body, his mind has become siezed.
He grips the rifle and raises it in deathly anticipation. His mouth gapes in terror but he
must remain silent, evolution takes its course and genes of the stalked and predated now
dictates his response.

The bottle is now thrown out of the window. The contents splatted some feets in front of the
man. It didn't matter how far from him because he could see each shard shrapneling off the
ground slowly, inividually. Someone has caught it and tossed it back, only
except no one has lived in the town for nearly 6 years. They caught it. He can now feel it,
the pulse thrumming in his brain. Fear is now at its climax, verberating within every
miniscule vessel in his body, nearing a complete orgasm of sheer terror. Almost... Almost...



He had called, now they answered. Movement in the window. Squeeze the trigger. No time for
remembering training. Squeeze. Just squeeze. Feel the thundering recoil go once. It feels
slow. Fully automatic. Recoil again. Is the gun slow, or time? Recoil again. Not yet a
second. Maybe both. Recoil redundant. So slow. Movement in the window. Fast. So fast. No

He had fired 6 rounds. 6 small shots heard around THEIR world. There was no denying it. He
had missed. There was no need to check. There was no doubt about it. Whatever was in that
window had met with the man's reaction timing and it was gone before the second shot. In the
third shot he had already known that he missed but he kept firing anyways because of the
fear. In the fourth shot he was already wondering why has not stopped and run away yet, then
again running away is completely pointless against them. In the fifth shot he knew that
this would be his last stand ever, his last day to become completely free of the rules he
was forced to abide under them. The sixth shot was for good measure.

It didn't really matter anymore. He took off running. Anywhere was better than outside. He
ran into a children's nursery, the one he took his kids to before. Inside was very little
different from the outside, only one was wetter than the other. As soon as he was through
the front door and some strides ahead in, the roof ripped clean off, like a giant, invisible
veangeful hand coming down to squish a rock from underneath a rock. Run.

A mighty shadow soared above him. The span of the thing was immense, one half of it
encompassed the entire building, or at least whats left of it, and the other half reached
beyond the street and touched the buildings on the other side. Run quickly.


The thing screeched and he covered his ear to protect himself from the sheer insanity of
the vocals of the monster. Theres no sound like that in the earth just as how unearthly
and disturbing the sound was.

Section by section the nursery exploded by an unseen force. He was really running for his
life now. The explosions were coming closer and closer and the window on the other side
of the building didn't seem to be coming anymore closer. The explosions were at his heel
now, detonated with a seemingly cruel intention of either spooking him to death or actually
killing him with shrapnel and debris, or perhaps a sadistic combination of both?

They were just toying with him for their own pleasure. They allowed him to escape through
window before the entire building blew up.

That last explosion however threw him hard against the adjacent building and fractured
bones. Gasping. Limping. Going through the alleyway. Run little human, run. Ahead of him
the fence blocked his path. When will they return? Are they in a position for a return?
Maybe they're still there. And they're always out of sight. Out of perception. He doesn't
know if he can top that wire fence with a fractured body. It felt like the world under him
was about to give out any second now.

And it did. The ground starts cracking under his boot. He struggles to maintain his sense
of balance. The ground spews dust and debris from under him. He must get over to the fence
and climb it! Going there. Got there. Climb it. Ground underneath? It's sloping downward
like an unknown monster eating at it, pulling it into its maw at a point.
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Re: I am the Enemy (by JongBom; Late)

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu May 22, 2008 11:03 pm


He fell off the other side of the fence and that slope is getting steeper and steeper by
the second. He runs as fast as a wounded man could for nearly two blocks, dodging rolling
cars going down the ever increasing slope, by the time he reaches the tipping point, the
had gone vertical. As he turns around he can see building crumbling in and falling into the
center of the crater. What was once flat against the ground had now gone sideways. He
climbed over the asphalt wall and onto a platform of dirt and sewage pipes. The platform
was falling in very quickly into the omega point. He clutched at the pipes to keep himself
from free falling. It was now to be swallowed up into the earth or jump the gap.

He jumped the gap. A good leap of faith might take you ten feet, but this jump would take
a miracle. He flies through the air and hits the cliff. He grabs hold for dear life on a
pipe. He looks over him and sees that he is on the very walls of a hole that goes all the
way the other side for miles and downwards might as have lead down to hell itself.

"Goddamn you cowards! Show yourselves and fight me!"

He climbs up. He persists. He has lost everything and yet he continues for why? They can't
comprehend the human spirit. Despite all their research and their analysis they could
never understand it. The human being, homo sapiens, is an animal. A machine of protien
chain capable of reasoning, adapting and procreation. But why is it more than that?

By now he had walked a few paces away from the crater. He stares at the sky, grinning. He
hadn't beaten them. He didn't acheive victory over anything. He's won nothing. So why was
he grinning? He obviously knew that they were toying with him in the beginning. But it
peirced their thoughts. Theres something more to these facial muscle contractions. Was he...

He had mocked them earlier but they thought nothing of it. Now he's mocking them with the
absolute intention of that justly. Not to incur their wrath or provoke a response. He mocked
them for the sake of it. He mocked them because to him they were more pathetic than an
ameoba. Innately, he knew that they couldn't understand humanity, knew that no matter how
much they had tried they couldn't defeat him, only now he realized it fully through their
sadistic experiment.

What was it? A glimmer? Little white treasures deep in the darkness. In the hole. There
were millions of bones. Human bones. He now knows he wasn't the first to come here. There
were others before him. Hundreds of others those monsters couldn't crush and dominate.

This was the end. He looked back to the horizon. There they were standing. Now they meet.
Face to face. Eye to eye. They really were monsters. And they really were pathetic. The fear
had left him completely. He let the rifle rest on its sling. The beating pain in his body
was washed away and he became tranquil. How was it going to go down? Him and them. There's
no mistake. Which one is the one afraid?

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Re: I am the Enemy (by JongBom; Late)

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