Rules, Regulations and SOPs.

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Rules, Regulations and SOPs.

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:56 pm

A little Rules and Guidelines to follow here in the group.
These thing might sound strict, but trust me, it'll help us work all the better.

1) Respect Each Other

I do not care if you don't like each other. If you have conflicts with one another, don't bring it to work. Be professionals, as I see everyone that has joined this group as a professional. If you really don't want to work with that person you have strife with, you're welcome to leave the group.

2) Practice Professionalism
This is what I all expect from you. Be professional. How? Be on time. Follow rules and SOPs. Be organized. Be on time or before the deadline. Do not just satisfy, surprise. Take initiative on your job. Whatever it is that is assigned to you, do your best on it. Remember that it's not the group's reputation that is hanging on you, but your reputation as a worker, an artist and a professional

3) Do NOT do jobs that aren't assign to you unless told so
This a must. I do not like people who takes over other people's work without permission. Sure, it's initiative, but it's not proper. If you want to do someone else's job, tell them, TELL ME. If you don't want your job, Tell me. So I can transfer you, or we can propose a different setting for your job

4) Do NOT Post anything about any thing that has to do with any work process.
This is in regards of tutorials, or any other that may disrupt other people's work flow. ASK PERMISSION TO ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING THEM. I do not care if you think that it may 'help people', I still need to check on it first if what you're trying to say is plausible, and if it is written in a proper format-- which is easily understood. AND it has to have something to do with what we work with. We-- are a comic production group, and we do not need anything unrelated to it, unless information is requested.
All posts that will break this rule will be deleted a day after the warning is issued.

5) Do not tell others what they should not or should do with their work..
... Specially if you are not a administrator. This also corresponds with Rule 1 and 3. You can only suggest your opinion, but you should not try to control what the other person is trying to do. (I have experiences of this happening, and it's not a pretty sight. Someone trying to overpower what the ruling is saying can break the group. Please be vigilant if someone is trying to take control of you, report them to me. I will answer to them.) Please remember that giving critiques and telling you how to make it better, and forcing you to change it are two different things.

**will complete this later on.... I'm feelling sick.

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