Disclaimers and Application Details

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Disclaimers and Application Details

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:26 am


DUWP Productions in a sole and non-profit comicking organization at most, therefore, all to-be members are expected to not ask for compensation for working in a comic project.
DUWP Productions will not ask members for money, for whatever circumstances, unless announced, justified and agreed upon all members.
DUWP Productions will not hold any right to any members' character(s), therefore enabling the owners of the said characters to be used on other instances.

Application Details

All interested to be members will be given a test, according to that position they want to be in. These tests' purpose is not as an audition, but as a skill appraisal, so that I, *ryuuen would be able to know on which aspects I help each and every member to improve.

These tests are strictly time based. Reason for which is to give people the feel and experience on how a real production team works, with deadlines, and to know each and everyone's speed for the working process.

To apply for a particular position(s), please send a note DUWP-Productions with the subject header Application with the body stating what position(s) you are applying for.
Application tests will be only sent once the note is received, for reasons such as time keeping.
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