That Bloody Buddhist, Danielcherng-Inker

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That Bloody Buddhist, Danielcherng-Inker

Post  danielcherng on Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:46 pm

Yo, My real name is Daniel Cherng XD yeah, i'm not very creative. Lol. I'm Taiwanese American.
I live somewhere in California. I'm 17 and turning 18 soon.

My hobbies are just drawing, playing video games, Golfing, Surfing, and Airsoft. I have so much to do, but i spend so much time on dA chatting it up with fellow artist. Probably my most favorite artist is Boris Vallejo. He's so awesome. My favorite manga are Akira, Love Hina, and Air Gear. Yes, most of those have fan service xD. I've been drawing comics since i was extremely young, but i never really took drawing seriously until just a year ago. My forte is drawing Backgrounds, Vehicles/Mechs, and Devices within the environment such as machinery.

I aspire to attend Art Center College of Design and become an Illustrator. I'm gonna go there next year and i'm preparing for that >Very Happy

Yes i'm buddhist but sometimes i don't think i act like one. I have to watch my morality.


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