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Post  lushan on Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:17 am

Hey yo!

This is lushan~ I am 18 as well, born in China, raised American, rushing with all the work I’ve procrastinated on, and jumping headway into my deepest fears. Well, not all of them.

My first picture, as youth allows me to remember, was that of a butterfly. Preschool, with crayons. I don’t remember what it looked like. ^v^; I kept drawing after that, and even more so after discovering Sailor Moon. Yessssss, Sailor Moon: you hold a special place in my heart, even to this day. And after that, it was Pokemon, Digimon, GundamWing (!!), and---But I digress. >u>

Let’s just say my childhood has been devoured by two things: school, and art. But like some others, I never took an art class. I’m self-taught, but I like guidance. :3 And critique.

Despite my DA appearance (or my appearance in general), I am a nerd. Yes, a pure, computer-math-science-lovin’ fool, though I like literature too. I wear contacts and try to refrain from talking about java (not the drink. Well, the drink too), Donne, and DDR. But my asian-nerdy-ness glares through at the most obvious moments. Beware what I say sometimes…

Oh, and for the reference, “lushan” is pronounced “lu-shan”, not “lush-an” or “loosh-an”. xD But all those pronunciations are rather amusing to say. xD Haha! Okay, nevermind, really, I don’t care how you call me. :3

As I am inexperienced, I will look to the other members for guidance!
I am totally, absolutely excited to be on the team! ^0^ YES! I love you

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