Positions, Duties and Responsibilities

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Positions, Duties and Responsibilities

Post  Ryuuen Tanaka on Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:23 am

Production Positions

Pre- Production

Story Contributor
Story Contributors are the one who gives a story to be made as a comic project. They are resposible for the plot, characters, development and resolution of the story. Everything that is to be done in a comic project starts with the Story contributor.

Story Contributors must have at least understandable to excellent grammar. They should be also responsible for the research of their own stories.

Depending on a plot, Story contributors can collaborate and come up with one solid plot.

Script Writer
Script Writers are the ones who turns the story given by the Story Contributor into a plausible comic project. Script Writers are the ones who plans each page and panel with precision using words, describing each scenes carefully and vividly.

Like Story Contributors, Script Writers must have at least understandable to excellent grammar. They must be able to follow through the story and be able to see them in panels and pages, and be able to right them down in detail.

Proof Reader and Editor
Proof Readers and Editors are the ones who fixes up the kinkings and errors in what the Story Contributor and Script Writers have done. They also point out and fix continuity, grammar and dialogue errors that are to be found in the script. They should be able to suggest on how to improve the plot of the story more.

Proof Readers and Editors must have good grammar and spelling skills.


Also know as the Roughs Artists, they are the ones who sketchs out the primary look of the comic from the script to the paper. They are in charge of picturing what it written in the script and interpreting them into drawings.

Pencillers should have a good eye for layout.

They are the one who finalizes what the penciller has drawn, cleans them up and inks them.

Colourist and Toners
Colourists, as the name refers, are the one who colours the covers and the pages.
Toners on the other hand, instead of colours, use tone to define and put detail in a comic page.

Type Setter
Type Setters are the ones who will layout the dialogues and captions in the comic page.

Post Production

Quality Checker
Quality Checkers are the ones who will check for typographical and aestethic errors that can be found in the finish product. They must have a keen eye for detail.
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